Tuesday, April 16, 2013

1GAM April: Day 8

Sprung Fever

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Tonight we've got a new map for you! You'll start at a supermarket, surrounded by some pretty ponds. There are tons of girls shopping today! :S ... Collect the items, but don't get too nervous around the girls! Or you'll have to start over.

This update does not have as much as I wanted to add for the night. It took a long time to build the map, and I still don't have enough tiles to add a great deal of variance for an entire shop. I also put some super basic items in (with placeholder text, until I get sprites). The items can be collected, but there's no UI for it yet.

The last thing I added was a simple but effective "scanline" and "halo" effect, which works well with the scaled pixel art.

And now it's really starting to feel like a game! :D It can get ridiculously frantic trying to collect the items, but it's not impossibly hard. I might need to do some more tweaking on things that affect the level of difficulty. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated at this point!

Last bit of info to note! I also have some new art assets that I didn't get a chance to add tonight. There's a new girl, and some animated effects for the "nervousness". Also the status meters on the HUD will be redone sometime soon, since I also have a new design for those!


  • Errands. (WIP)
  • Better AI.
  • Sound effects. (WIP)
  • More music.
  • More girl sprites with different AoE radii. (WIP)
  • More varied backgrounds and a better starting map. (WIP)
  • More maps. (WIP)
  • Title screen.
  • Game Over screen.
  • Ending.
  • Transition screens (explaining the objective for the map).
  • Anything else we want, if there is enough time...

I've added "WIP" (Work In Progress) to the items that are already started. You'll notice the "sound effects" item has been started, but none appear in game; I have located some sound effects that I would like to use, but need to sort out licensing, and probably do some post-processing work. (Volume normalization at the minimum. Probably some clipping and mixing work, as well!)

See you tomorrow!

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