Friday, April 19, 2013

1GAM April: Day 12

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Tonight's update is all about minor tweaks! The first thing you might notice is that I adjusted the errands list so the text is rotated with the paper. It just looks more natural. The text still stays the same size when the note is scaled into the corner.

The second thing you might notice is the new door animations! They currently only open for you (the girls will just walk through while the doors are closed). But it's a much needed effect!

Another minor tweak makes the shaking less violent (and the delay before it starts is longer).

The final change that you may or may not notice is that errands are completely functional! If you collect all of the items, walk to the edge of the map to complete the stage. Currently the stage will be restarted, because there is only one map.

Tomorrow I plan to start working on a title screen, and maybe adding some more juiciness. I have another animation that I need to add for the "losing attention" effects, and I want to get some more sound effects in there as well. The other attention effect that I should consider is adding some redness to the edges of the screen. Probably just another static overlay image made with a grunge brush! Dynamically changing its opacity will complete the look.

Hooray! See you tomorrow!

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