Sunday, April 21, 2013

1GAM April: Day 14

Sprung Fever

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Aw yeah! Day 14! Two weeks down! Just one more to go. (I really need to break that habit of starting late...)

Finally I've added a title screen, which you can see above. It could be way better with some artistic talent (or a lot of time) but I already spent hours on it (because I have no idea what I'm doing). So that's the end result! Hooray!!

I actually do want to make the title screen a bit more juicy. For starters, I want to add some flowers (being "spring" and all) and I'll probably stylize one or two and make the stems bouncy springs. That should be fun! But I've had enough title screen madness for one day...

Anyway, there are a lot of new goodies in this update that you'll find after the title screen! I continued working on things late into the night after yesterday's update to get all of this crammed in. So here's what's new:

  • Brand new HUD (semitransparent background, new meters based on Burcag's design, and a heart rate indicator)
  • Added the "redness" overlay nervous effect.
  • Added "sweat" particle effects as a nervous effect.
  • Tweaked all of the sound levels.
  • Added a "heartbeat" nervous effect.

The heartbeat nervous effect is probably my favorite thing in tonight's update! Play with headphones or a really good subwoofer. ;) The heartbeat sound effect is very bassy, so you won't hear anything with standard laptop speakers. But really, it's the entire ensemble of nervous effects that make it entertaining to avoid the girls while collecting items. I've fallen prey to panic on multiple occasions while testing this game. It's certainly the most fun to play of all my projects. (But more on that later!)

Ah, finally it's starting to look like a real game! This is the point of the Cousins Graph where the curve is starting to break away from "shit". And one of my favorite parts of the development cycle. :D


evilo said...

very nice, this project is really getting better and better, I can only agree with that, and with all the nice effect and details, effectively reaching the 'wow' factor !

What about adding a girl chasing around the poor guy ?
Some bouncing flowers on the title itself would be nice as well.

Please do plan a touch-enabled (virtual-joypad) version :):):)

Unknown said...

You probably saw this already, but didn't notice: :)

And yeah, now with a title screen that stands in the way of starting the game on mobile, it's time to start thinking about adding touch controls.