Thursday, April 11, 2013

1GAM April: Day 4

Sprung Fever

Tonight I started adding the girls! I only have art assets for a single girl sprite, and only walking-right animations. I horizontally flipped each frame for the left animation. Works well enough!

The AI is incredibly basic; girls will randomly decide when to start walking, and pick a random direction. They also choose a random time to stop walking. That's it! I might do something more interesting, like having one type of girl that will actively chase after the kid (extra challenge for later levels) or girls that slap you away when you get close (less challenge for early levels).

Also new! A simple HUD which shows the kid's current attention span. When it hits zero, the level restarts (indicating failure -- this will change). I even made it kind of pretty with a simple linear interpolation so it fades from green to red. The attention "deficit" is additive, meaning that when you are crowded by three girls, it drops 3x as fast! Nice unintentional side effect that I decided to keep.


  • More girl sprites with different AoE radii.
  • Refill attention slowly when it is not being drained.
  • Better AI.
  • Sprint.
  • More varied backgrounds and a better starting map.
  • More maps.
  • Objectives/errands.
  • Title screen.
  • Sound effects.
  • Music.
  • Game Over screen.
  • Ending.
  • Transition screens (explaining the objective for the map).
  • Anything else we want, if there is enough time...
Wow! That's a lot left to be done. Welp, I'm looking forward to every bit of it! See you tomorrow!

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