Thursday, April 25, 2013

1GAM April: Day 18

Sprung Fever 

Springy flowers! These are pretty cool actually :) The flowers are on "springs" drawn with a bunch of bezier curves that are animated with lots of trial-and-error. With a little variance on the cycle for animating the X/Y position, it gives a "springy" look. The flower rotates a bit as well which helps with the effect. No physics! Just a ton of "shortcut" maths for this one...

I also removed the yellow flowers from the background. They looked too distracting and ugly.

Finally, I also fixed the blurry errands note on iOS. I just upscaled the image by 1600%, because scaling down on iOS isn't nearly as ugly with the forced bilinear filtering.

Tomorrow I plan to work on the library (I need more tiles for this) and probably add some more girl variations. Mostly the new girls will just be palette swaps. :\ But I can give them each different AI, so different strategies will help while playing. It will be fun! See you tomorrow!

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