Saturday, April 20, 2013

1GAM April: Day 13

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For Day 13 I've started on the second stage; The Library! I used again to create the music, but didn't spend as much time on it. As a result, I think it's not nearly as catchy. (But hey! I'm not a musician!)

The other changes for today are; level change/restart transitions, and new door tiles by Matwek.

I also spent some time doing some behind-the-scenes work, like a very minor bug fix for melonJS (and pulling in other updates for it) and moving the errands list animation into the correct module. These changes don't affect gameplay at all, but it's worth mentioning how my time is spent on this project. (That's one of the goals of this blog, after all!)

I didn't get to the title screen work yet. I'll start on that shortly. And if I finish by tomorrow, it will even be the screenshot for Day 14! See you then!

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