Wednesday, April 10, 2013

1GAM April: Day 3

Sprung Fever

In day 3, we've added new animations for the kid (Burcag), a start to an outdoors background tileset (Matwek), and changed movement to 4-way only, to simulate the play control of Bomberman or Pacman (me). There's also a lot of melonJS 0.9.7 happening under the hood:

  • The map is JSON format.
  • The sprite animation is stored in a packed texture, thanks to the new TexturePacker support.
On the TODO list for tomorrow:
  • Add girls
  • Add area-of-effect (AoE)
  • Add HUD
  • Add "attention" level + HUD item
  • Add "stamina" level + HUD
  • Add sprinting when there is enough stamina
  • More mapping
  • More spriting
The "attention" level is how focused the kid is on his current errand. As he comes into range of a girl's AoE, his attention will begin to drop, and it becomes more difficult to control him. After leaving the girl's AoE, he will slowly begin to recover attention. If his attention level reaches zero, it's game over!

The "stamina" level will allow the kid to sprint. While sprinting, the stamina level decreases quickly. When the kid stops sprinting, his stamina will slowly recover. If his stamina hits zero, he will be given a penalty, and be unable to sprint until his stamina fully recovers.

Sprinting while inside a girl's AoE could have some unintended consequences, since the kid will be harder to control; he may not respond in time, or may change direction on you, depending on how much attention he has left. This will add some valuable frantic gameplay to the game, especially in later stages with supermodels that have a very large AoE. ;)

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