Friday, November 2, 2012

WIP Blog... Migration Imminent

My old Lightblog, while very lightweight, is a hassle to maintain. So I've decided to move to a hosted solution. WordPress wanted $13 (per year!) just to allow my domain to point at their service. So I didn't give them a chance beyond that. (Note to service providers: Don't nickel-and-dime me for features which cost you nothing! For the record, I have the same problem with github and their private repos; though that costs $7 per month.) Tumblr has the worst uptime of the major blog providers, according to Pingdom. LiveJournal is old hat. Etc.

It turns out, I created this blog (Blogspot/Google Blogger) way back in 2007, and never used it. Google doesn't care if I point my domain at it. It can be made fairly minimal (sort of). So, what the heck... I'm moving the blog here!

Since Lightblog uses a proprietary sqlite schema, I'll have to write a quick converter to get my old posts migrated. In the meantime, the old blog is still available, just at a different URL:

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