Sunday, November 4, 2012

Game-off: Day 2

Today I added some more physics objects to the demo:

  • Circles, which can be heavy or lighter than air (act as balloons)
  • Joints, which I've used to attach balloons to squares, so they get carried off, and a pivot to create a very basic catapult.
It might be difficult to tell what you're looking at in the screenshot, but everything is color-coded anyway, so we can use that to explain what's going on!

  • The long "olive green" rectangle is the catapult. It's anchored to the space at its center point.
  • The "royal blue" square is a very massive (heavy) object.
  • The "salmon" colored rectangle is a very light object, which has just been thrown by the catapult, due to the weight of the royal blue square.
  • The small red square is a weight attached to the dark green balloon.
  • The light green rectangle is weighing down the dark green balloon (along with the red square).
  • The blue square is attached to the orange balloon, and the purple circle is weighing down the balloon (same as the other group of objects)
You may have to refresh the demo if you've tried it before.

This demo shows that it's remarkably easy to add new physics interactions to the space, so that's very promising! We'll have to make these objects classes a little more useful, but they get the job done for now.

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