Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Game-off: Day 24

Tonight's update:

  • Ambient lighting (not in use yet)
  • Scenes (will act as different stages ... also not used yet)
  • Blipjoy logo
  • The project has its own README now
  • And it's own name!
The logo is the only part you will notice. It's just something I threw together at the airport this afternoon. The invader was drawn (by me) from memory, in an attempt to avoid any possible copyright infringement. I'd like to have some different chip tones play as each letter appears to give it a more fun feeling while keeping the retro theme.

I also finally got around to modifying the README today. It gives a little bit of information about what I would like to accomplish to turn this into a game. Along with the README, I also named the game! One of my criteria for choosing the name is that the domain name is available to register. And where domain names are concerned, smaller is better.

The name is: Alienauts!

I've registered the domain, so that's ready to go. I was surprised to find that available; prior to that, I tried "saucernauts", which is already taken. And "teleclonesis" which is just too hard to say.

I also have some ideas for a title screen, which I will be working on soon. I'm considering implementing it as a procedural function, instead of an image. Much like the flying saucer animation. The advantages include making a scalable image without the SVG disease, and keeping the content nice and compact; less to download.

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