Friday, November 30, 2012

Game-off: Day 28

Here I am again, in the final stretch of a very long game development cycle! This time, I have learned a lot about Chipmunk-js, especially its shortcomings. I've also studied a lot of new mathematical concepts and failed at art.

With just over one hour remaining in the Github Game-off, I think I've completed about as much as I could have.

Here's the list of items completed today:

  • Created a Balloon class that draws "teardrop" shaped balloons.
  • Implemented general item cloning (only enabled for balloons).
  • Clones can be attached to some items (only the player, for now).
  • Added an air flow current, represented by the ugly AC air ducts.
  • Added tutorial objects that spawn after 15 seconds, intended to help players understand the controls.
  • Added an electric zap from the flying saucer every time it creates a clone.

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