Thursday, November 29, 2012

Game-off: Day 26

I'm still trying to develop the game style while working on the first stage. (I'm calling it a "scene" ... at least internally.) The first few scenes will serve to teach the game mechanics, so they will be very simple puzzles. I think teaching the controls will be the trickiest part, but I should be able to pull it off through dialogue and thought bubbles.

The dialogue will be spoken by observing scientists. They should be able to unintentionally provide hints to the player. The thought bubbles will come from the flying saucer itself, as if it's thinking about how to overcome the challenge.

I've chosen to do much of the art as silhouettes using basic circles and polygons, since I have no time to do a lot of drawing. It will still be very tricky, but it might also add to the creative design if I can manage to do it all well enough.

My first stab at the first scene is quite embarrassing. I'm not nearly ready to show it. Once in a decent state, I'll use all of the same renderables to create the rest of the initial stages. This should be ok. Still, I don't think I can actually get enough done in the remaining two days. :(

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