Thursday, November 8, 2012

Game-off: Day 6

Player controls!

Tonight I added a really basic "Player class" that creates a fairly large pink rectangle that is controllable with the keyboard. (Sorry! No touch support yet for mobile devices... That's on the TODO list!) Keyboard controls are left/right arrow keys OR A/D keys to move the rectangle left and right. It's pretty easy to get the simulation into a low entropy state because of the limited control you have over the Player entity. ;(

However! This is part of the plan! The Player entity will be able to change its physical properties, such as mass (heavier or lighter), elasticity (bounce!), and attraction (magnetism). These, combined with cloning and attaching to clones with ropes will add some much needed game mechanics to make the world less static, more interesting!

(Clicky for make big)

Yep, please take note the ugly "programmer art" makes the game uncomfortable. Even if I had a static background and a player sprite with 3 frames of animation, it would look like the game was 50% complete. Instead it looks like 10% of a pre-alpha build! :p

I'm waiting for our artist to come through with some sweet graphics, soon. But all I can really do is bang out some more code while I wait...

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